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For Advisors

The Lancaster Platform enables smooth processing of your client investment programs and the corporate advice team are experts in lead generation and fast track growth via acquisition strategies. Let us help you keep your client base happy and grow your business. Our streamlined onboarding process reduces the administrative burden of legacy platforms. The product offerings range from broad equity portfolios to investment bonds to sophisticated structured products. These will enable you to create a diverse portfolio for your clients that will address their risk objectives and long-term plans. Contact us today to discuss our attractive terms of business. 

For Clients

The Lancaster Platform will finally enable you to see all your investment holdings in one place. Detailed weekly valuations keep you up to date on your net worth without having to reference multiple sources. The sophisticated investment offerings will enable you and your advisor to devise a strategy that satisfies your risk objectives and long-term plans. Administration is wholly online so no need for endless form filling. Contact us today to put you in touch with a qualified investment advisor in your area.